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The Chianti project develops a change impact analysis tooling for Eclipse. Change impact analysis is particularly useful for tools supporting the evolution of software. The current version offers support for the following or similar development scenarios.
"During program maintenance, a programmer may make changes that enhance program functionality or fix bugs in code. Then, she usually will run regression tests to prevent invalidation of previously tested functionality. If a test fails unexpectedly, she needs to explore her edit to find the failure-inducing changes for that test. Chianti is an Eclipse plug-in that assists the process. Chianti is a tool that performs semantic chance impact analysis to allow the programmer to examine those parts of the edit that may have affected the failing test. Chianti then builds compilable intermediate versions of the program, by adding programmer-selected partial edits to the original code, augmenting the selection as necessary to ensure compilation. The programmer can re-execute the test on the intermediate version in order to locate the exact reasons for failure, by concentrating on the specific changes that were applied."

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